Brett Johnson FW16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] It’s one thing to be the new kid on campus but it’s another to be the new kid on campus that all the seniors are praising. A few recognizable luminaries in the American Fashion industry introduced Brett Johnson’s debut to New York Fashion Week: Men’s through social media channels. Which caught my attention and led me to do a little digging on him – after a few clicks online my discovery coerced my decision to attend and support a talented Black-American Designer. Who definitely showcased clothing that reflected a specific representation for today’s luxury buyer that finds comfort in being polished whilst committing to self-identity.

Once I entered the presentation room, I immediately gravitated to the last look, number 18 that had a parka with a fur-collared-shawl that was immaculate and wonderful to look at. It only makes me think how one would feel actually wearing it. The things I would do to own that specific jacket are endless. Also look number 12 worn by Willy would be a perfect outfit to wear to an autumn-night bon-fire party. What really had my womanhood quiver is the splash motif atop the hat – only visible from a birds-eye view. Each look had a piece of something worth having collectively as a head-to-toe arrangement or stand-alone must have. As a first timer at NYFW:M’s, I’m looking forward to see Johnson actively showcase more collections and flourish in his passion.

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Pimp game strong.

Pimp game strong.

BrettJohnson BrettJohnson BrettJohnson BrettJohnson

OBSESSED - #VisionCloset.

OBSESSED – #VisionCloset.

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