Ovadia & Sons FW16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Currently, I have an open-vacancy spot for my favourite American Menswear designer because my personal appointed favourite has taken the past seasons off and it’s only gotten my eyes wandering at potential matches. With so many fish in the sea – Ovadia & Sons have invited me back on a third date and I keep falling deeper in love with them at each presentation. It seems that the twins Ariel and Shimon Ovadia have gotten a bit of inspiration from the streets and taken a few trends and tweaked it to become more favorable in the eyes of glossy magazine editors. For the most part, they’ve done a commendable job at delivering a collection that will last beyond 2016’s Fall and Winter season.

As soon as look #2 debuted on the runway – I immediately noticed the styling of the black rope-like cord cinched at the waist. Which is quite similar to a few traditional jewish shabbat clothing yet still respectfully complements the models figure and overall image. It was also nice to see layering done for autumn so lightly pieced together in a few of their looks. Naturally, layering can cause a look to seem heavy to the spectator however the guys have shown ways to dress effortlessly warm without a need of a heavy winter coat. Of course, furs were presented in the show mainly as an embellishment to their attention-grabbing coats. Each look was presented in it’s own realm of identity rather than collectively as a cohesive collection. As for me, I love that their culture influences their designs and  I would love to learn more about the jewish faith directly from them through each season that comes.


Inherit Love, I AM,

IMG_7242 OvadiaSonsFW16 OvadiaSonsFW16 OvadiaSonsFW16 OvadiaSonsFW16

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