Carlos Campos FW16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] An essential way to life in Honduras is centered around coffee as a necessity to start your day and occasionally paired with every meal time. The main quote that Carlos Campos highlighted for his FW16 collection read “No Hay Café Sin Agua.” Which I connected to his brand as there’s no sophistication without clothes. Coffee couldn’t exist unless water is present, just as a naked person couldn’t amount to sophistication with nothing on.

What keeps me interested in Campos is his way of expressing elegance in his clothes. This particular season continued to showcase crisp silhouettes mainly in deep navy, winter white and camel that was inspired by lightly roasted coffee beans. Layering was an obvious style in the collection that was perfectly delivered with a wide view of how cohesive each piece complemented one another. The clothes were a nice exact representation of a typical cafetero attire just more elevated in fabrics and tailoring. Yet, I would have done more research to create a more innovative item that would be useful for that dedicated profession. Perhaps Campos would attract more attention when he decides to be more experimental whilst maintaining his polished esthetic.

Previewing a Carlos Campos show has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Not only because of his talent in creating desirable clothing yet to also support a native catracho. Nothing is more beautiful than witnessing accomplishments and being able to feed off their passion.

Inherit Love,

Carlos Campos. Carlos Campos.

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