Burberry Kisses Xxoo.

Burberry Kisses Xxoo.

As I get things geared up to post a new blog I got carried away with this new campaign from Burberry London. The british brand has teamed up with Google to bring to life a new way to share your love and kisses with a special lover or even a nice gesture to a close family member that could be miles away!

In my case, I ended up sending one to a friend sitting next to me. We immediately got excited over the technology to seal a virtual envelope with an actual imprint of our lips! Plus when you’re all done filling out the personal message you’re able to see the envelope fly through the world to it’s chosen destination. Pay close attention to the imagery as it flys gracefully to your love!

At the World of Kisses you’re able to see LIVE snogging happening around the world. So please visit http://kisses.burberry.com [or simply click the photo above] to be apart of this lovely project.

Much Love,
Talalima Mobley.

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