Elevated Interview.

Elevated Interview.

Last week I thought to myself “Will I get hired if I go to this job interview in jeans?!” and then the Miranda Priestly quote entered my mind… the “Go ahead, take a chance…” and that’s exactly what I did.

Thinking about the rules set on Dress Code for interviews. It’s always mentioned first to dress to impress and then followed by a bunch of conservative advice. Listen, it’s 2013 and I find pleasure in pushing the boundaries in some aspects of life. Especially in dress.

With trial and error, I had two different interviews and wore jeans to both. Believe this when I tell you that both jobs offered me a position within an hour of leaving the interview.

My only advice to you is to make sure that your shoes are on point and you take the time to put together a sports coat and a shirt that will over shine the jeans. So that no one will even notice that you’re wearing jeans. Or that it’s the last thing they notice.

Featured jeans are called THVM [pronounced them] stands for This Here Very Moment. Click the photo above to shop other simplistic thvm jeans. I promise you, there will be at least three pairs you will fall in love with.

-special thanks to my photographer Ariel LaFontaine.-

Much Success,

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