Está Súper.

Está Súper.

These retro amazing Super Sunglasses have been on my mind for quite some time. I’ve been a fan of wearing sunglasses since before the sun was created. Now, I prefer that my UV protected eyewear to be huge and bold. To catch the attention of others and set me apart.

The designers at Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE have a great talent in creating luxury sunglasses. They have been worn by many celebrities like Rihanna and that’s all I care about haha. These specific sunglasses are called the Havana Sideview and comes in two more colors.

In my near future I’ma own these badass sunglasses. Let me add this to my Vision Closet in hopes to one day actually own them. Send them vibes out to the universe.

Go ahead, I know you want to see what else they have to offer. By all means click the photo above to shop online.

Much Love,


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