Carolina Herrera.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Being that I am a one man army for right now and wasn’t able to land great photos for Carolina Herrera so aside from that I still enjoyed the show. Herrera has always been a favourite of mine due to the fact that she’s from Venezuela and one of my closest friend is from the same country. Plus her 212 cologne brings back so much memories from when I was a little younger. Attending her show was at a high priority and I was so grateful to be able to attend and see the collection before the general public.

Yet again I was drawn to a white gown that had a little brown detailing straps on top from look #5 and the straps are so simple yet so perfect! It pushes the boundaries on being a modest dress.  Look #19 was so divine as it flowed down the runway and caught my attention with the loose material that fluttered like the leaves in the trees. Perhaps look #22 should be recognized with it’s gorgeous detailing on the top portion of the dress with the feathers making it a great piece to own. The amount of work that was put into look # 37 took a lot of attention. The asymmetrical shapes and black shades that overlapped the orange and white, and not to mention the amount of heads it’ll turn. The fifth look that I absolutely adore is look #42 it’s super elegant with slight bold patterns and the sheered waist gives it an appealing touch.

After the show I was granted access backstage and my friend brannen and I met all the high profiled attendees. From Uma Thurman to established artist Ne-yo an up-and-coming artist @DivaDiaMusic that accompanied Creative Director of ELLE Joe Zee.  Interacting with Reinaldo was a good time and later being able to meet Carolina Herrera was a great start for a Monday.

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