Concert Review: One Direction


[SALT LAKE CITY.] Thanks to Columbia records for tickets to an all sold out concert by whom other than the VEVO record holders One Direction. They are a boy band mainly from England and one from Ireland. Who have taken the attention of every teenager going through what they think is love. In 2010 they were brought together by Simon Cowell from his show he created The X Factor UK. The boys finished in third but that doesn’t define who they are today.

One Direction came on Thursday 25 July 2013 at the Maverik Center in SLC, Utah. And let me tell you the show was jammed packed with mainly little girls screaming louder than they would at a haunted house. These utahn #Directioners have been waiting for their arrival for over a year since the announcement was made. Once the concert goers passed through the doors to the venue after scanning their tickets. You would hear their excitement at first I thought the boys came to greet their fans but that wasn’t the case.

Right before the show began I got to interact with some of the girls near by and I was feeding off their energy. Once the lights went out I’ll admit that I joined in on screaming with the fans, for research clearly. I couldn’t be more excited to see the boys in the flesh. They came out and rocked the crowd with so much energy. Their concert was merely to have a sing-along with their fans and not so much of putting on a show for them. From what I witnessed One Direction isn’t the type to invest interest in changing wardrobes throughout their visit on stage. Nor are they willing to put effort in being that boy band that choreographically dances together, stays together. Yet they are still successful and their fans don’t seem to require them to follow the concert norms.

After the boys performed most of their songs they interacted with their fans via twitter. They had fans tweet them questions along with where they were sitting in the crowd. My favorite tweet was from @voodoo_mamajuju asking the boys. “If you could become a fictional character, who would you be and why? ” it’s my favorite because Harry responded with Harry Potter. The fans went bonkers over that answer. It was a new-age-kind-of-way to incorporate social media in concerts plus gave their fans a short fifteen minutes of fame. View “Voodoo MamaJuju’s reaction to her question being read by One Direction click here. 

In the interim of the band leaving the stage to prep for their next songs they displayed videos that the boys had put together. My favorite video was with the boys in costumes like Louis dressed as an over-weight not so easy on the eyes kind of guy with a neck brace. Another two dressed up as an old elderly couple going out in the streets of London seeing how people would treat them. The video was very touching and that’s when I became a true Directioner from realizing the good influence that the boys are spreading to their fans. Whilst the boys performed their songs I took a glimpse around and became aware of every fan and the love they had for One Direction and I could recognize the HOPE and SELF EMPOWERMENT the boys gave and continue to give to their fans. No wonder they are so successful and the show was definitely a success because their fans left satisfied and wanting to relive the night once more.

Come next year One Direction has plans to tour the world and I highly recommend attending their show. They have so much good morals to display through their music and hearing their accents in person will make you melt.

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