Watch Out:Roberto De Avila.

Roberto De Avila

Recently I met with a hard working supermodel in the making Roberto De Avila via FaceTime. He has made a huge impression on me based on his enthusiasm and determination to go after his dreams. This will be a new segment in the menswear topic, it’ll highlight up and coming persons to watch. As well as important persons to know now in the fashion industry.  

Roberto De Avila is a male model based in Chicago, Illinois you can follow his every moment on twitter @Roberto_DeAvila [He’s quite the person on twitter to follow. #MustFollow]

Q&A Interview:


Okay, well thank you again for meeting with me via FaceTime. haha

Roberto: haha Anytime, Talalima.

Alright so we’re going to start off with thee quick little questions so everyone can get to know you.

So you are a model, supermodel in the making? You are a supermodel right now right?

Roberto: Well not yet, I don’t have any advertisements or billboards. I’m trying.

So once you get to having advertisements and billboards that’s when you’re consider a supermodel?

Roberto: Yeah when you become international that’s when you’re a supermodel.

Alright, well an inspiring supermodel then. How old are you now?

Roberto: I’m 19.

How long… have you always wanted to be a supermodel?

Roberto: When I got my first digital camera. That’s when I first started experimenting with angels and like poses. Yeah so I thought it was really fun. At the age of maybe 8 or 9 I started like wanting to do it. But like I actually started and living and trying and stuff like that maybe February of 2012.

And who bought you this digital camera?

Roberto: My parents, my Mom and Dad. My sister and I were sharing it. I just liked to use it more than her haha.

Was it like an actual digital camera or was it a video/digital camera?

Roberto: It was kind of both. It was a battery operated one that you put two batteries like double A. It wasn’t the best quality but whatever.

Was there anything that inspired you to become a supermodel?

Roberto:  Ummm, I’ve always watched America’s Next Top Model and umm it was like around that time I first started watching it. I guess I just practiced and was like ‘Ooh wouldn’t it be cool blah blah’ and umm yeah lucky I meet the height requirement that’s when I was just like.. Just do it.

Speaking of ANTM, How do we meet? You and I?

Roberto: We… I guess we both tweeted and I don’t know who followed who first. Or whatever but I followed back. hahaha.

Haha yeah we were using the same hashtags for ANTM audition then it became to where I found you. And you were the only cool one that I saw that was applying. So I was like I’ll follow this kid and then you followed back.

Roberto: Yeah and I guess that’s where our friendship blossomed. haha.

Haha That’s when it all began, right? So you applied for ANTM. Did you make it?

Roberto: Obviously not! haha at the moment that I found out that I didn’t make it. I was like obviously devastated. Ooh they made a mistake but it was motivation you know. And after that I went full force here in Chicago and luckily I did. I’ve been really busy almost every single day or every other day. Yeah so not getting chosen was motivation for my modeling career.

Well at least we both didn’t make it to the next round but we’re still doing our thing right?

Roberto: We’re both doing something daily that we love.

Because I’m always seeing you do like every like modeling job in Chicago. So you’re working and getting it done!

Do you plan on applying again for ANTM?

Roberto: I don’t… I don’t know if I can do reality TV…

Ooh come on! You know you want too!!!

Roberto: I just don’t want all my life, my ups and down to be filmed and shown the world you know. If I ever become famous it’s because of myself. Not because of a TV show.

So you don’t want to be on ANTM so you’re not going to apply again then. Which is lame. haha.

Roberto: I think I want to apply maybe. I don’t know I need to think about it… Am I talking too much or no?

No, you’re doing fine. So where do you currently work at as you become and prepare yourself to being a supermodel?

Roberto: I work with little kids all year around. I’m a tutor and we have activities. So I work with kids and that is what my job is.

And you’re kind of being in a sense being a model to them?

Roberto: Yeah I really don’t tell them. Maybe about a couple like there’s 9 to ten kids that are in the camp that know that I work. I like to keep that private. I’m not the type that says ‘Hi I’m a model’ I don’t like doing that.

Well I’m trying to say is like you being there. You’re mentoring them and in a sense you’re a role-model to them.

Roberto: Yeah, I lot of kids have come up to me and are grateful for giving them advice. If they do need advice, I give it to them. I know it’s not like a job requirement but if they feel comfortable to come up to me and I’ll give them advice. I just tell them to follow their dreams. So I balance what I love and my job

And going back on auditioning and being rejected. How do you handle rejection in the modeling industry as just barely starting a year back?

Roberto: When I first got rejection I beat myself up. I was embarrassed and I’ll probably see them again but whatever. It’s part of the job you know.  There are some people that are just depressed and you just gotta be like Oh well and get yourself back up and go to the next one.

With being a model you need to have that where rejection just rolls off your shoulder and just keep your chin up to move on to the next project. Do you feel that you have received a lot of rejections?

Roberto: I was just rejected for two or three shows out of like the dozen that I have done.

Do you plan on moving out of state and pursue modeling in a different city, different country?

Roberto: I want to try it in Chicago and do the most I can. And then go to New York. I don’t know it’s not that I’m not ready yet. New York just sounds…

New York is a huge industry. If You can handle New York you can handle anywhere in the world.

Roberto: Yeah I just need to try it here first then go over there.

Speaking of New York. Fashion week is starting up in September. Do you plan on attending?

Roberto: I don’t know like I guess it would be good to see other models that are getting paid doing it but I don’t know. Maybe, I’ll just go with the flow. If I go I go.

You should come with me. I’ll be going in September.

Roberto: Maybe, we’ll see.

Whatever, what kind of aspirations do you have in life?

Roberto: Just be a role-model for people. Do what you can, even thought people tell you, that you can’t. Not being fake or do anything shady to reach the top.

Who are your role-models now?

Roberto: In the modeling role… Coco Rocha she’s my favorite model she likes to have fun with her photoshoots and goes outside the box.

Who’s your designer that you want to walk down the runway for one day?

Roberto: Calvin Klein because I want to show him there’s other ways to be sexy.

With my blog I focus mainly on menswear, music and self improvement. So with menswear what’s your number one item that you have to carry with you everyday?

Roberto: Good question, I think a black v-neck. I have one in my car and it’s good for emergency. You can dress it up and it’s something that everyone should have.

For music, who pumps you up before any runway show. Who is that number one artist that you just listen to pump you up?

Roberto:  I don’t have that one special artist. Honestly, just the support of those that people give me.

And for self-improvement. Is there anything in your life that you’re trying improve?

Roberto: I guess improve pimples. It wasn’t really bad pimples it was just visible/mild acne that I was embrassed about. In the modeling industry you can’t have that. And they would have to cake on make-up in runway shows. In photoshoots and everything. After I went to the dermatologist my skin is clearing up. Also I look to being yourself, you’re going to go further. Improving your self confidence is something that everyone can do.

That’s good, I like that a lot. You already know this. I’ve told you this via twitter that your face has cleared up so much. It’s like flawless now. You’re well on your way to gain your confidence that you need.

Was there anything that you wanted to mention in this interview?

Roberto: Like a hair product that I use or something?

Anything that you want to share with me?

Roberto: My mind is going blank. Just back to being yourself. That’s the main thing I want to express because that’s the best accessory that you can have.

Alright thanks so much for meeting with me and your willingness to do this interview.

Much Success,




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