Concert Review: Sara Bareilles & OneRepublic.

Concert Review: Sara Bareilles & OneRepublic.

[PARK CITY, UT.] A special thank you to the Park City Performing Arts Foundation and Jane Gendron for the VIP access to the final show at the Deer Valley: Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater, St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Nights concert series. The final concert showcased OneRepublic with a noteworthy opening performance by Sara Bareilles and Serena Ryder.

The concert was held on 31st of August in the Best Town Ever 2013 as stated by Outside.  Nothing compares to the gorgeous atmosphere that you can find in Park City, Utah. Going to Deer Valley and being surrounded by lots of green scenery plus top it off with music by World-Renowned artists equals a summer night to enjoy!


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Sara Bareilles, brought a nice friendly and loving vibe on stage that carried out to the crowd the entire night. She was a great sight to see as she waived and directly looked at me whilst I took a photo as she performed. Bareilles has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and after this concert I can see why she was considered one of the Best Female Pop Vocal Performers of 2,011. As expected, Bareilles rocked the piano as she sang her successful singles like “Love Song”  and “King of Anything”, she even treated the attendees with her new single “Hercules” from her newest album The Blessed Unrest that was recently released 13 July 2,013. Before starting the song she explained that the lyrics came from experience through some dark times in her life. Not even able to get through the first verse of the song Bareilles admitted not remembering her own lyrics. Immediately after the concert she tweeted “@sarabareilles: Park City! Thank you for a beautiful night. Who needs to remember lyrics when the audience is sweet like you?! #professional #forgetididthat”  by the end of her performance she had the entire crowd out of their seats and enjoying the last night of the concert series. The crowd was “Brave” enough to demand an encore and Bareilles returned to the stage to perform two more songs. Just to echo what she said during her performance she’s definitely a professional entertainer.

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OneRepublic, deemed last night as “This is thee perfect night this summer” it sure felt perfect with the stars above the stage, the perfect weather and great company with friends. This performance by OneRepublic took me by surprise because as they performed their songs I then realized that I knew a good portion of their songs. A fact I did not know before is Ryan Tedder was the creative writer behind Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love and Beyoncé – Halo. Throughout their performance you could connect Tedder’s strong vocal talent to that of Beyoncé and Leona Lewis. He has so much soul and power when he sings and loved it when he did the cover of Ray Charles – I Got A Woman then transitioned into the cover of Kanye West – Gold Digger. Tedder also mentioned how he couldn’t come on stage without following the black hat trend that was first set by Serena Ryder and Sara Bareilles came wearing one too.

Five years ago OneRepublic was asked to play 20 minutes for an event for SUNDANCE Film Festival and has been playing in Park City every year since then.  The fact that they specifically asked their PR representative to book and play tonight, says a lot about Deer Valley and what we have to offer here in Utah. On a little downtime Zach Filkins exhibited his guitarist talent by playing Gipsy Kings instrumentals that was phenomenal and made my friends and I want to get on stage and dance la rumba/flamenco! Their performance was very interactive with the crowd and Tedder gave a thought provoking statement saying “Life is too short! You have to hang out where you like the place, like the people, like the scenery.” After last night I can say that Deer Valley is definitely where you can enjoy a short life.

Later after the concert I was invited to attend the artist reception at the Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley and enjoyed catered food and drinks. When I was backstage I want to say Ryan Tedder shaded me when I asked him for a photo. That was the only downside to last night but all in all I had a great time and recommend everyone to make plans to attend next summer 2,014.

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