Love Expressed.

In your life today, I’m sure you can improve on expressing your love. -I know I definitely can- That’s why I’ve decided to implement this topic for Tailored-Improvement.

Be creative in the ways you show your love and appreciation to your spouse. I’m more than certain that positive energy will flow and bring harmony into your partnership of love! You will then realize the close-knit balance and will become as one purpose in your journey together in life. Should demonstrating your affection become a chore? Never and when it does please re-evaluate your egocentric attitude because all those around you should be blessed with your light and love! Also on the other side of things, if someone is trying to express their love to you. Accept It!! Don’t belittle their endearment and right it off as irritating.

Discover each others love language. For example I took an assessment and Quality Time mixed with Physical Touch aka cuddle time is the language of love that I speak.

Some of you -like myself- may not have that special person next to your side to attack life as a team. Just know that it’s just for a short period of time. Actively keep your heart open and when you do find it follow the delightful words of RuPaul “Love is Love and Family is Family… Everybody say LOVE! Everybody say LOVE! Now take that down the aisle and get yourself married.” Love is eternal so get use to proving your love to your spouse, family and close friends with actions.

Enjoy the video above!

Much Love,
And I do mean LOVE,

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