Death To Tennis SS18.

[NEW YORK, NY.] What an unusual name for a clothing line. When I first came across the brand, Death To Tennis, I initially questioned their motives and had a huge concern for the alligator brand. Albeit, that’s not even close to the reason behind the unforgettable choicest name. It’s only natural if you’re curious to how the name was formed, please pay their website a visit and select the About tab to read the delighted texts. You’re in for a lively treat if you do.

It’s strange to say but at the presentation, the models were using their phones whilst on the job. It kind of threw me off balance yet once I fully grasped the concept of the collection, it all made sense. The British-born designers Vincent Oshin and William Watson drew inspiration for the collection from working with the New York based artist Keith Mackie’s Mystical Peacock. An exciting recherch√© print was used throughout the collection that depicted peacock feathers in a variety of colours. Perhaps out of all the animals in the kingdom, the peacock has to be the most vain, hence why the models were on their phones taking selfies. Not only were selfies part of the sinful act, the models had full-length wall mirrors to continuously admire themselves whilst the fashion goers muddled through the crowd.

Once I got past the name of the brand, plus the vanity in the models, I was able to see the clothing actually turned out great. The garments were more relaxed in how they fit. There were quite a few long-length warmer jackets. The guys even had an entire look knitted with a sweater and short, which would be more fitting for the spring UK climate the designers are from.

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