Gustav Von Aschenbach SS18.

[NEW YORK, NY.] Balanced in a variety of cultures is what brings harmony to Robert Geller’s creations and the main factor of interests to each presentation he shows at New York Fashion Week. It’s a bit wild to hear that some fashion goers are jaded when it comes to the designer Geller… If I cared enough, I would have heard them out and tried to understand their reasoning’s, yet, I had to run and see the inaugural collection of Gustav Von Aschenbach.

As the diffusion line for Robert Geller the Gustav Von Aschenbach label is the more attainable channel for fashion forward men. It delivers durable pieces that are made from long-lasting Japenese fabrics and most importantly comfortable to wear day-to-day. As for the colours utilized this season, it seems to be more in the Fall-Autumn spectrum instead of the bright spring hues. The colours used were cadmium red, ochre, concrete green, topaz and black. Even in this showcase, Geller naturally gravitates towards the signature striped patterns he’s known for. In womenswear, the term ‘effortless beauty’ is thrown around a lot and I feel like this inaugural season is exactly that for menswear, as the effortless hunk.

Inherit Love, I AM,

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