Raf Simons – Backstage Access.

Raf Simons himself, backstage prepping models.

[NEW YORK, NY.]  The New Order for New York Fashion Week: Men’s rest heavily on Raf Simons to bring all the buzz and excitement for the American menswear industry. Truth be told, NYFW: Men’s is lacking compared to other global menswear dedicated fashion weeks and I hope the CFDA has better ideas to improve men’s week because if they don’t, I sure as hell have a few ideas. Anyways, this is Simons 2nd time showing in New York City during Mensweek and let’s not forget his historical winnings from the CFDA Awards last month, June. Taking home the Best Menswear Designer of the Year and The Best Womenswear Designer of the Year, both for 2017.

Now, can you grasp why Raf Simons is thee hottest fashion show to attend. Special appreciation to Raf Simons’ staff and Jessica from PR Consulting for granting StyleHeirs.com special backstage press access to Raf Simons SS 2018 collection in New York City. It was quite the experience to get a glimpse of the garments before the general public and I am forever truly grateful to Raf for being so nice even through all the constant heavy stress of putting together a show. Once, I got up the stairs and backstage, I immediately noticed the clothing racks stocked with long galoshes and umbrellas. Which is a little different when it comes to spring summer collections because designers normally gravitate to just summer-filled days rather than the rainy spring shower hours.

Yet, dealing with Simons imagination, the collection wasn’t just any typical rain gear found in the streets. The pieces shown were a lot busier and heaps of detailing to keep your mind captivated in wanting to figure out what items can be recognised and which details in the clothing can be discovered. Most of the inspiration that was pulled ranges from old bands that Simons grew up obsessing over and to the old past designing for major fashion houses and labels. “The contrasts and just the position makes it way more, I don’t know, extreme probably. There was a lot of inspiration from mid-centuries on all the coats. There was a strong reference to different cultures from the west and from the east.” mentioned Raf Simons backstage after the show. In the collection, it’s quite apparent that Simons continues to be daring in his construction of garments. For example, he curated different styles and sampled the art of draping from the Asian monks without it being too literal.

Post-show, I am now curious to watch the 1982 movie Blade Runner by Ridley Scotts simply because that is where most of the SS18 collection is sourced as inspiration in the garments and secret location of the show. Which was showcased in Chinatown’s market near the Confucious Plaza.


Inherit Love, I AM,

Backstage Raf Simons SS18.

New Order. Backstage Raf Simons SS18.

Raf Simons himself, prepping models before the show.

Backstage, selfie with the models.

Backstage, Raf Simons SS18.

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