Diplo – Park City Live Snow Fest – Concert Review.

Courtesy of Dafne Estrada.

[PARK CITY, UT.] As the Sundance Film Festival starts to gain its momentum it wouldn’t be complete without a reliable EDM performance to enhance the festivalgoer’s energy.  This year, Park City Live brought DIPLO, who is no stranger to performing at the festival and without a doubt ushered the venue to a raging dance party. With his third-year appearance at PCL’s Snow Fest, it’s a given that the man knows how to captivate the audience with his skilful BPM and hypnotizing sounds.

Normally, weekdays could potentially be a difficult time of the week to get the crowd going. However, when the nightlife is entrusted to the experts at Park City Live it’s bound to be a seamless and memorable adventure. What made this Monday night feel as if it were a Saturday night in Las Vegas was DIPLO’s music abilities coupled with PCL’s spacious VIP ambience. On the topic of a work-night, I’m not sure if DIPLO’s enthusiastic plea “2018 is the year you all get jobs” was an indication of support or a statement that needs to be fulfilled.

Either way, the job that deserves an applauded is DIPLO’s use of Latino rhythm during his set. It gave his fans more exposure to different types of music and to enjoy a little break from all the deep bass and electronic sounds. Throughout his time on stage, he included merengue, reggaeton and even my favourite cumbia! Personally, I feel like 2018 will be the year of Latino music! Collectively, Get It Right featuring MØ had the crowd’s best reaction tonight, perhaps because it’s the most recent release from DIPLO. The song I was really expecting to hear was Where Are Ü Now with Justin Bieber but you can’t have everything.

Special appreciate to Dustin and Betty for granting StyleHeirs.com exclusive press access to the show. Be sure to keep updated with the upcoming events at Park City Live.


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