Fake Anything.


This post was inspired by my recent Eng 1010 research assignment. My topic was done on the pros and cons to Counterfeit Goods.


Counterfeit Goods won’t bring you results like this.


Or maybe it possibly could. You can be the judge of that. This up and coming trend to rock this season is a tan! I’m currently in California and have been up to no good under the sun! This outfit was worn for my flight. The guys next to my friend and I on the flight would not stop with remarks about how classy I look.




Allow me to present some facts I found worth while on the bad and the good that Counterfeit industry brings.

Thesis.: Although factories that employ worker’s in a third world country would provide them with a better lifestyle. The knock off industry understands that inexpensive and duplicated products from high-end fashion houses can make them money.

Counterfeit: Made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud.

The aversion of owing a knock off product is labeled as taboo and shameful to those caught with a fake. Yet there are tons out there still dishing out their hard earned money for a more affordable secret to wear knockoffs. Hoping no one will discover or call them out on their fake purchase.

From a 2010 seizure map put together by the CIB organization has indicated that the Counterfeit industry is mainly conducted in Southern China, Italy, Romania and U.S. Cities like Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and New York City.

It has been estimated that in Italy there are 130,000 worker’s without a paycheck because the demand for authentic items have taken a decline in demands.

Positive side to counterfeiting:
It creates more jobs within the companies that are being effected by counterfeiting.

More government jobs are created to investigate international custom locations that traffics Counterfeit Goods.

Fake products are playing the role as an advertising vehicle for the original brands.

Counterfeit factories in a third world country may bring a more improved lifestyle for their employees. However that industry also corrupts the economy for making money in the black market from products by high-end fashion houses they cheaply duplicate.

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