Your Garments Be Garbage.

Thanks to a close friend of mine Joseph for bringing this Video to my attention. -I’ve been super busy as you can tell with not posting anything in months.- I finally just watched Ol’ girls video!!!!

If you don’t know who miss Yung Rapunxel aka Azealia Banks is, then download this bit of information into your tiny brains. She’s thee baddest Btxch around since Lil’ Kim and thee fact that Azealia pays homage to kim and knows what’s up makes me love her even deeper.

This video compared to her other recent music video is much better. I’m diggin the graphics and editing that was put into this video. Can’t nobody shake their european extensions better than her, it’s like No Problem for her to do. Take note. “Stylin’ In Somethin You Seen Out in Vogue” verse from this video ‘No Problem’

Please check out here other music and videos. She’s worth the time.

Much Love.

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