General Idea SS18.

[NEW YORK, NY.] In Korean fashion there is only one major purpose and it’s to express yourself freely through the resources that surround you. Now with that notion paired with Western fashion, you’re bound to experience a jaw-dropping collection. That’s exactly what Bumsuk Choi continues to offer with his thrilling brand and presentation at New York Fashion Week.

This season, I had the lovely task to assist General Idea with casting male models for their show, thanks to my bestie Dionne and David from Milo Casting. It was a marvellous experience getting to see the collection on the models as they audition for the chance to be in the show. On-site, at casting, I fell madly in love with each piece that was hanging on the racks! A major trend in menswear, the styling technique that I detected quickly is the long shirt that is halfway tucked. On one side of the hip, it’s tucked in; the other side of the hip is fully hanging-out.

For a spring summer collection, bright fruity hues were the go-to colours, naturally. The purple and navy blue paisley print was my insulin shot that brought so much energy and excitement to see the rest of the garments. The loose-fitting shirts coupled with tailored pants gave a fresh perspective on the whole grunge look. It’s like the newer hip-modern version of the 90’s grunge. Another thing that I thought was clever was the essential crew-neck shirt that had General Idea mashed up with Korean characters, that I suspect means General Idea in Korean. Getting to know the guys behind General Idea was such a treat, building that bond was great and I look forward to seeing them soon!

Inherit Love, I AM,

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