Palmiers du Mal SS18.

Courtesy of Katie Thompson.

[NEW YORK, NY.] The specific customer that shops at Palmiers du Mal is an active global traveller that has ”the need for freedom” kind of lifestyle, a mantra that’s worth living. Perhaps, even a catchphrase we are all generally too familiar with. Yet, not everyone knows what freedom is truly except those that can express themselves through clothing like how Brandon Capps and Shane Fonner have chiefly done. For this exciting presentation held at the Rose Bar, located inside the Gramercy Park Hotel, I had the chance to unlock something far more exclusive than the gates to Gramercy Park.

Exclusivity renders power and for this collection, the 16 looks that are worn in public will definitely demand power and respect at first sight. Primarily with my favourite looks that I’ve included in this post, please refer to images below. This is the only collection that I keep revisiting and continue to fantasize myself wearing in the near future. Only because of how expressive the garments are with different materials that captivate my attention. Normally, I wouldn’t gravitate to sherpa fabric because to me to looks cheap yet that’s not the case with Palmiers du Mal. Ughhh I’m salivating over the cream fuzz gunner smock paired with cream high waisted lounge pant. Don’t get me started on the merlot mask lounge jacket coordinated with a cream & merlot mask front stripe lounge pant. That’s no lounge attire for me, I’d wear that around Miami to run wild during the nightlife.

Photo Credit: Katie Thompson

Inherit Love, I AM,

Yes please!
Courtesy of Katie Thompson

I can totally rock this!
Courtesy of Katie Thompson

Give me this outfit, please!
Courtesy of Katie Thompson

I want this entire look.
Courtesy of Katie Thompson

Courtesy of Katie Thompson

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