John Elliott SS17.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Ooh what an exciting time to be alive! At that time, I was so excited to hear that John Elliott was showing his SS16 collection at fashion week for the first time. Everything was looking great until Kanye West showed up and it just turned out to be havoc. Speed it up a little, I met him after the show which was a nice little chat. Presently, I’m excited to be attending the IT show at NYFW: Men’s – and boy was it filled to the brim with menswear enthusiast and spectators.

It’s not fair that Elliott can put together a well done collection and create a new coloured scheme without praise! It’s like a new breed of pastel colours, more of a nature-pastel tones – I’m obsessed. The inspiration comes from the reflective characteristics of a water fountain he took a liking to whilst in Morocco. Each garment shined in my eyes and also in the actual fabrics and it’s very apparent that next year all the fellas will be an illuminating sight to see in their John Elliott attire.

Everything happened so quickly and all I remember is how Elliott spoke my kind of love-language with bomber jackets, simple hues and dramatic quality. A little bit of West Coast culture glistened through with how Elliott decided to style his looks, similar to that of a cholo. Kept to his Los Angeles background where seeing shirts only buttoned once on the first-top button is the norm. It’s so East LA and now it’s made it’s re-introduction to the East Coast streets.

There’s no way in hell, I can just choose my favourite over all look or even my favourite piece Elliott created for this collection. Honestly, I would want everything John creates and experiments with to be in my life, in my closet. Hell, I want him to experiment with me.

Inherit Love, I AM,

John Elliott SS17 John Elliott SS17 John Elliott SS17 IMG_8921 John Elliott SS17

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