Passavant and Lee SS17.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Here’s an insight on wisdom, if there is a need for something. Fill it! That’s a useful recipe for success. With the accessories created for Passavant and Lee – you’ll realize that there’s quite nothing like it on the market and it’s beyond brilliant and surpasses any other convenient-luxury accessory brand in this universe. Trust me, I’ve been to other planets and I’ve seen their version of fashion week shows.

When I rsvp’d to their invitation I had no clue what to expect, other than clothes and didn’t put much thought into their designs. Seriously, their name combination was enticing enough to start my day off with their showcase.

Since I haven’t fully moved all my things to New York just yet I had to improvise with a carrying case to use whilst running show to show. Naturally, I use more spacious bags but this week I wanted something more intimate and nothing too small like a clutch. The only thing I could relate to my needs was my Marc Jacobs Macbook Case. It was a desperate time and I was resourceful I thought, I was so impressed.

Okay, I showed up to their presentation and they just exploited everything I built. I’m only joking, the real creative thinkers here are Benj Lee and Jon Passavant. With their briefcases, attaché cases and accessories who knows what other edifying products they’ll produce. At NYFWM, I had the pleasure of talking with Benj Lee about their products and how they brought together an idea and established a coveted brand. Simply put, a duo that consists of an American and an English-Brit that saw a lack of durable functionality mixed with a sophisticated design esthetic.

My first interaction was with the No. 25 briefcase – not only is the outer design so tasteful, so is the inside compartments with a combination of suede, leather trim and 100% silk-lined pockets. Not to mention, these cases are made to order by hand, mind you. It’s just bonafide opulence from start to finish, even the amount of space needed for a case is put into consideration. The choice raw-materials used like aircraft grade aluminums and fine leather speaks volumes in itself. It makes me think of my favourite car – SAAB – the jet engine car…

What was embarrassing is when I was asked if I normally carried my makeshift computer case around as a briefcase. Yet, it was a great probing question because it only solidified their vision and products at Passavant and Lee. There’s a substantial need in my day-to-day life for a case from their No.25 collection and I’m more than certain I’m not the only guy in this world that desperately needs one. It’ll enhance anyone’s appearance from the blue-collar guy closing deals in the Financial District to the nightclub DJ needing to protect his macbook.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Passavant and Lee SS17. Passavant and Lee SS17. Passavant and Lee SS17. Passavant and Lee SS17. Passavant and Lee SS17.

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