Juck Juck Grunzie Interview.

Alright Europe! Get ready for Juck Juck Grunzie to give you a little taste of the rock and roll scene from South Korea. I’ve put together some materials for you because I know how excited you are before seeing them live in concert. Here’s some of my favourite live videos Concrete Jungle and Meth-Odd + Psycho to re-watch until their actual shows on:

June 25 Pilton, UK @ Glastonbury Festival (Pussy Parlure)
June 26 Pilton, UK @ Glastonbury Festival (Gully Outernational)
June 30 London, UK @ Windmill Brixton
July 1 Berlin, Germany @ Kantine am Berghain
July 4 Berlin, Germany @ West Germany

West Germany.

West Germany. 4 July 15 9PM.


When creating music which emotion do you tap into most?

guitarist, Jeehye Ham: It’s hard to say exactly. Personally, I like to think of strange things like sad clowns when making music.

Or sometimes I think about feelings of alienation.

Where do you feel you’ve inherited most of your music style from?

Jeehye Ham: We all like a wide variety of music, and I think that we mix a lot of those different styles together when making songs as Juck Juck Grunzie. And when making songs, we also incorporate things that have influenced us in the past like music, experiences, or dreams.

Is there much planning involved when choosing your wardrobe for on stage?

Jeehye Ham:We try to plan a lot for our shows in terms of fashion, but sometimes it’s hard to find clothes that we all agree on. We just want to use fashion as a way to put on a more enjoyable and interesting show. This week we’ll be traveling to Europe to play some concerts, including two gigs at Glastonbury Festival. For our sets at Glastonbury, we’ve prepared some masks that were inspired by UK hat designer Philip Treacy. His work is fantastic and quite beautiful. We went to Dongdaemun in Seoul, bought cloth, and then made the masks ourselves. Compared to Philip Treacy’s work, our masks definitely have a rougher feeling which better reflects our musical style.

Where are some of your favourite spots to shop for clothes in Seoul?

Jeehye Ham:

Usually I shop online for clothes. But when I do buy clothes in person, I usually buy either cheap T-shirts

or vintage clothes from stores in the subway stations. In Korea, there are a lot of these kinds of stores.

What do you imagine touring in Europe will be like?

Jeehye Ham:

This will be our first time touring in Europe, so we’re not sure what to expect. We’re excited about

playing at Glastonbury and our concerts in London and Berlin and we’re hoping to meet lots of new

musicians and music fans while we’re there. I’ve heard that in Europe there’s an atmosphere of respect

for musicians. That doesn’t always happen in Korea, so I’m excited to go somewhere and be respected

for my work. Also, I heard that goth is in fashion now in Berlin. In Korea, the goth scene is a bit

unrefined, so I’m curious to see what it’s really about.

What’s your expectation for how European crowds will react to your performances?

Jeehye Ham:

I think our music is fun. So I hope that the crowds also have fun and enjoy our performances.

How did your fundraiser concert at Mudaeruk in Seoul go?

Jeehye Ham:

The fundraiser was amazing! It was almost like a small festival. There were nine bands who played, and

the show went on for nearly seven hours. The live venue at Mudaeruk is located in the basement of the

building. The venue’s first floor is a café and bar. In the café and bar, we held a flea market where we

sold some of our old belongings like tapes, CDs, books, clothes, and shoes while the concert was

happening. Some of our friends also came and set up booths too and sold candles, toys, and their own

artwork. Our drummer Kyunghyun was also making traditional brush paintings of swear words and they

sold surprisingly well. The fundraiser was definitely a success and over 130 people attended. We are

incredibly thankful to everyone who came, to all our friends who helped out, to the other bands who

played, and to the staff at the venue.

Have you started creating new material for your next album?

Jeehye Ham:

Yes, we have. We’ve got a lot of different ideas for the album and once we finish our European tour, I

think we’ll start focusing most of our energy on writing songs for the album. Ideally, we’re hoping to

release the album next spring.

What’s next after touring Europe?

Jeehye Ham:

After we finish our gigs in Europe, I think we’re going to take a short break and then we’re going to get

to work on our sophomore album. Please keep an eye out for it next year!


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