Tori Kelly – Concert Review.

[SEATTLE.] Yesterday night I attended another SOLD OUT event in Seattle at the Neptune Theatre. Thanks to Kristen and Scooter for granting access into the show for the very talented Tori Kelly. It was a few weeks ago that I began my research on who Kelly was as an artist mainly because it’s my mistake for not keeping up with television and YouTube talents. When I asked around, every response I received from close friends were the exact same reaction. The Unbreakibles [her fandom] mentioned how talented she is and after this show I will only echo the same truth behind her gifted abilities.

As she frolicked onto center stage my first impression was her brilliant outfit choice that complemented her sultry body and voice. Starting the show off with Unbreakable Smile showcased her singing abilities that proved she’s even much better Live. For being a soulful artist she didn’t just have us waving side-to-side we were rockin’ out like the first Sunday of the month, feeling joyful. It’s impressive to witness how her voice rose in pitch – carrying love notes longer than the post office!

With yesterday nights show, I felt that the insights and backstories she gave on a few songs was a nice genuine impact on the crowd. Which caused a more emotive connection to her lyrics that highlighted her passionate facial expressions. Later in the performance Kelly continued to share how her producer allowed freedom to express her feelings to the point that most songs may seem as if she’s talking to herself. That particular style of organic writing gives a constant reminder to stay humble as a message to herself, she explained, and serves as an inspirational message to her listeners.

In just a few weeks Tori Kelly’s debut album titled UNBREAKABLE SMILE will be released on the 23rd of June and can already preorder. Throughout her performance Kelly gave newer material, covered popular hits from other artists and her fans loved each time she threw it back to her first original songs. There were a couple of songs that the crowd took over and sung powerfully together as Kelly just played her guitar. Rarely do I see that happening at live shows and for me it was one of my favourite moments. At the close of the show with Should’ve Been Us Kelly killed the crowd with her electric guitar skills and quickly returned to the stage for an encore. Nobody Love was her final song for the night that collectively sealed the deal as an unforgettable performer that won’t be overlooked and is guaranteed success.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Tori Kelly. Tori Kelly. Tori Kelly. Tori Kelly. Tori Kelly.

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