Kazu: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Out of all the entire designers in Zürich I believe Kazu Huggler has the crown in being the most original and understanding all aspects of designing. The talent roster is filled with knowledge in ancient print making -which was apparent in this collection- kimono patterns, traditional attitudes/philosophies of dressing, her cultural background in both living back-and-forth in Japan and Switzerland. Also, philanthropy is in her core business ethics which will take her far in her chosen career path. In all honesty I’m becoming a bit obsessed with this woman on how she governs herself in design business and in her communities.

Throughout the Spring Summer 2015 collection I could see the inspirations stem from the regal garments fit for royalty. The show began with a model walking down the catwalk with two little girls on both sides ushering in a sovereign wedding. What hit my soft spot the most were the cloaks that were infused in some of the looks.  It made me feel as if I were attending a wedding of a queen and king and all the bridesmaids had lovely gowns even down to the cute little flower girls. Most of Huggler’s designs were very modest and chic all in one garment, makes me wish KAZU were available for the women here in the States to shop and wear. Whilst I attended the show my imagination took off into my own little world inspiring clothes that I would wear myself and I love to attend shows that stimulate my fantasies.

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