Laend Phungkit: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] In my opinion the most impressive thing that Laend Phungkit has to offer is the cultural diversity of  both Asia and Europe. Based out of Berlin yet born in Zürich the award recognized label has a lot to look forward to in his new future accomplishments. Throughout the collection more bronze, silver and gold were evident in this seasons inspired looks. Phungkit isn’t afraid to be bold in his outlines with over extended hems that vary in length and don’t fit the norm in appearance. Draping is the main reason for his curiosity in creating clothes that make a visual statement for the confident lady. After stumbling upon his menswear collection I’ve found some pieces that were beyond wonderful and wish he could bring back designing for us guys. Well, I shouldn’t really say bring back because I’m not really sure if he even stopped.

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