PELIKAMO: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Before the shows began on Saturday the last day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zürich I had the chance to take a peep at the pop-up shop with selected Swiss designers. All the shops were delightful yet I was mainly focused on finding a menswear store and came across Pelikamo. What they had on display were simple pullovers and other basic items nonetheless Pelikamo still had me all excited for their runway show.

The show began with meeting my expectation for a menswear show sending a model out with a nice black one-button suit. It set the standard for the remaining of the showcase and each piece had me weak at the knees. The only thing that I wasn’t and probably will never be a fan of are the light khaki pant. Besides that Pelikamo is the menswear brand to keep your eyes on in Zürich because the main focus is for the male urban professional. For an accomplished gentleman this label will be sufficient in delivering sophisticated cuts that are slim and of modern silhouettes. The crew at Pelikamo extended an invite to me to come visit their store in Zürich for drinks and see more of their line. Once I revisit Switzerland I’ll have to make that a priority to visit and see more of the Swiss lifestyle.

Inherit Love, I AM,


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