Mark and Estel New World Collection.

[NEW YORK CITY.] A duo from Los Angeles that has gained recognition when Mary Kate Olsen wore a piece from their collection. Then designing a custom legging for Lady Gaga’s FAME Ball Tour brought them more credit in the fashion industry. Showing for the first time at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has validated them even more. As their debut into the Lincoln Center tents I must say I enjoyed their show and the looks they displayed.

My first piece that I immediately wanted to have in my closet was the last fit that Mark and Estel ended their show with. Model ISSA – in the black jersey skeleton rode dress. 2nd outfit that I liked was the sixth look that model Meng Meng in the silver skeleton armor and black velvet zipper leggings. The Bizzy B-Body Armor was actually custom made for Mark and Estel by Shawn and Beatrice Prochazka. 3rd was the twenty-first look that model Shelby in a black and white striped mini tee and zipper skirt. 4th was the twenty-fourth look that model Manuela wore in the sheer long sleeve linen dress. 5th was the twenty-sixth outfit that model Nykhor wore in the white cowl neck cocktail dress. 6th was the twenty-ninth fit that model Fred wore in the white mini tee, cracker blazer and white linen trouser.

The thing that stood out most to me was when the designers came out singing a duo together. Most designers are just known to come out bashfully and wave to the crowd that attended the show saying thank you and quickly run backstage. Mark and Estel stole the show by joyfully singing and presenting their rock-star attitude they put into designing every collection.

Mark and Estel have their hand-made in USA collection available to purchase online at

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