Monique Lhuillier.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Try saying Monique Lhuillier with your best french accent and you’ll find yourself repetitively saying her name. It’s so fun! Lhuillier is from the Philippines and her French surname comes from her Father that has french ancestry. She does business with her husband Tom Bugbee out of Los Angeles and are known for their couture design gowns and have put together a gorgeous ready-to-wear collection.

For my first time attending a show at the Theatre in Lincoln Center, I couldn’t be more pleased with what gorgeous gowns and ready-to-wear outfits that came down the runway so elegantly. In my opinion Lhuillier’s choice in color palettes is the definition of Spring 2014. ┬áNot only that, her unique talent in embroidery was the highlight of the show. Lhuillier’s use of ethic models made me so glad because it purely showcases that her designs can be worn by any lady seeking that sophisticated luxurious lifestyle. My question to her is when will you take on the challenge of designing a grandeur-lavish menswear collection.? Us men would love to dress in elegant outfits just the same.

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