[NEW YORK CITY.] First things first I saw Kati Stern walking into the tents hours before the show but was just too apprehensive to approach her. Don’t ask me why! It may have been her lovely elegance as she gracefully walked with what seemed to be her fidus achates. Whomever it was it appeared to be a very important conversation in preparation for the show later that evening. So I decided to witness the greatness that she is go to work.

The dresses that Kati Stern organized for the show reminded me of mermaids because of the shiny scale-like material on a handful of her dresses. Plus how fitted the dresses were that the back side of the models made me think of a skinnier version of Ursula. I love that villain she may be evil but she definitely had class and poise in her strapless sweetheart-neckline dress. That’s just my take on a few of the gowns.

Included above are some looks that I stole from it was a hard decision to make as my top five dresses. If I could I would include every look but I had to do some edits and decide which were the best five in my opinion. Pretty much I’m a sucker for the thigh-high slits in dresses so those were my most favourites. Take note of every gown that comes down the runway with that slit because I approve indefinitely. The embroidered lace over-laying the dress made the looks standout and gave the attendees a lasting impression.

Attached is the video of the show and I must add that looking back this was a longer show that I attended. Most shows last half as long but glad it was a good length for a show to attend.

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