Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Fresh and young are the first words that came to mind when the first model came down the runway. Fresh because Emerson’s take on design is unique with a spice of rocker attitude. Young because it’s something I can see my young sisters and every youthful lady out there wear right from the runway to the every day life. In previous shows Fraser-Swan started with black and white looks and this time around began the show with a pop of colour which I’m glad she did. As her third Spring collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week she did a great job designing for that powerful and free-spirited modern girl she targets to dress each season.

Attached in the gallery below are photos I stole from emersonbyjfs.com and these are the looks that I find to be my preferred above the others from the show. The first look that Fraser-Swan started with because of the colours like I mentioned before, the imagery and how tight fitting it lays. Look #3 is a sweater that I personally would proudly rock to any occasion. The leather and tweed combination from look 21 caught my attention since it’s not a combination you see very often. The purple leather jacket and the detailing on the sleeves from look 22 have me wanting more. I have a thing for leather and jackets. Plus a matching dress in look 26  with it’s flowing fabrics and the detailing on the top part of the dress makes it irresistible. The final dress and look #29 that was presented was another favourite of mine and should be worn as a girls prom dress this coming spring.

I urge you to check out more at her website here.

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