Naeem Khan.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Let me just begin by saying there has not be any other designer than Naeem Khan that has swept me away from my duties in taking photos during the show. As I was being escorted to my seat I couldn’t get over the backdrop with the green exotic leaves that ushered in the spanish inspired spirit. The first white floral embroidered chantilly lace gown had me gazing and becoming lost in every garment that was shown there after. I was able to appreciate them and live in the moment instead of focusing in if I was able to take a clear shot. My life was completely changed after this show and I may be over exaggerating a bit.

The use of embroideries and colours that reflected love and beauty made the collection stand out from the rest because of the latin notation. The main reason I believe latin girls are always sexy is because they posses love and beauty as an innate characteristic. Look number twelve exudes that sexiness perfectly and I’m referring to an empowering type sexy. Khan is a master of romance and I’m looking forward to his bridal collection launching October 12th. Find out more behind the brand at

I only managed to take a photo of the last look featuring the bridal collection, gorgeous.

bridal coming Oct 12th 2013.

bridal coming Oct 12th 2013.


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