[NEW YORK CITY.] Young designers that present their collections at fashion week are mainly the kids in the industry that pump youthful energy into our pretentious world. And I love it. Hanako Maeda is a Japanese native that grew up here in New York City since the age of five. In 2,011 Maeda commenced her own line named ADEAM, her last name spelt backwards. Adeam has accomplished a lot of recognition from her peers in the States and even back home in Japan. By receiving an invitation from the Japanese Government to show her collection at the Shanghai Fashion Week and also Tokyo’s Fashion Week.

For her second presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week she left an impression on my soul. I say that because her concept with tying in menswear into this season was beautifully done. For example, the way she constructed the collar on her shirts fit perfectly with her not-so-tight-fitted contoured looks. Most of her garments left an impression of a girl that carries herself with grace yet still holds onto her tom-boy comfort. I feel that Maeda’s use of the midnight blue and pastel peach will be the choice colour for men and women in the coming months. Her prints were also impressive and stood out the most to me.

I’ve attached the link to ADEAM’s website so that you can keep an eye on Hanako Madea’s journey in her early stage of her career.

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