Jenny Packham.

[NEW YORK CITY.] After attending Jenny Packham today I must say I’m really impressed with her collection this season. Compared to the past spring she definitely ventured out and experimented more with her clothing. Last Spring 2013 was everything modern and sexy yet sophisticated-glamourous all in the same shot. This time around we have a complete different inspiration that influenced Packham to showcase more of her innate design talent. The main inspiration for this collections stems from the 1975 movie Picnic At Hanging Rock. Based on the images I found online from the movie, Packham did a great job revamping the gowns entirely with her own vision. The Swarovski beading was my favourite part of the collection and was a beautiful compliment to construction of the gowns. In my opinion the idea of chic-pioneer clothes at fashion week would have never been forecasted by anyone. The long-length selves and loose flowing gowns were depicted well enough by Jenny Packham to the point where the doors have been opened for this trend to be accepted. Come next year I wont be shocked to see more designers influenced by the fashions from the early 20th century.

Please I invite you to check out what more the UK based designer has to offer at her website I promise you will find other gorgeous bridal gowns and ready-to-wear items that you will have to buy. Below are photos I took with my personal BlackBerry whilst at the show. Enjoy.

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