Peace of Mind.

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Lately, I’ve been questioning. ‘Why don’t I receive revelation from my Heavenly Father, like everyone else?!’  What I mean by “like everyone else” is that it seems that everyone I know, receives guidance from the Lord by hearing a still small voice or having dreams. Well since I most likely don’t remember my dreams in the morning and I would prefer subtitles while watching a movie to increase my hearing. Chances for me obtaining any direction from the Most High, by dream or voice, is slim to none.

I’ve always believed that my most usual way of receiving any guidance from the Godhead is through FEELING. Most recently, I’ve been dealt little mishaps in my life and the only thing that I can build my faith upon is the direct feelings that I’ve felt. In my mind and in my heart, I’ve felt PEACE that everything will work out in the end result. Fueling me with more faith in the Lord and trusting Him to guide me to what I need to do in my life.

With that being said, I invite all to follow the link [above: Peace of Mind.] connected to this post and read more about The Voice of the Lord by President Henry B. Eyring. So that you can gain a better understanding that the Almighty God, wants to communicate with you and to know how to recognize revelations. I promise you, that you will feel a better connection to your Heavenly Father and recognize that He does talk to you more often than you may think.

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