Those who talk …

Those who talk too much do little else.” – Napoleon Hill.

I love quotes like this. I’ve come across a lot of different type of people and those who talk a lot seriously haven’t done a lot. On my mission in Guatemala my mission president showed a video to the office elders called “La Carreta Vacía” in english “The Empty Wagon.” You should look it up and watch it. Since watching that video I’ve been able to distinguish between those that always boast about “doing” things and those that truly do things. Or those who boast about knowing so much of a certain topic.

When I come across anyone that talks a lot, I only go along with what they’re saying just to be polite and make it seem like I believe them. However, when I do get fed up with all the talking I will call them out on it and let them know I no longer believe their bluffing.

I invite you to continue to talk but do more than that. Listen and observe more you’ll be able to accomplish more in life. Another more from Napoleon Hill “Genuine wisdom is usually conspicuous through modesty and silence.” Let that be a lesson to you talkers!

Much Love,

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