Pot Of Gold Festival – 2017.

Courtesy of Meghan Li.

[CHANDLER, AZ.] This lucky St. Patricks’ day I had the pleasure of attending the Pot of Gold music festival. Every year this two-day festival takes place outdoors in sunny Chandler, Arizona at the Raw Hide Event Centre.

It’s undeniable that the Pot of Gold is growing immensely as the year’s pass. This year they not only grew their line up quality but they also made major upgrades to their ticket options and festival esthetics. In past years Pot of Gold had only one stage. Their line-ups were great, however, you were left to wait around during sets for quite a while. This usually wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but when it’s over 95 degrees in the middle of march the time starts to go by slowly and if you’re not absolutely in love with the nested set it was easy to talk yourself into walking out on the festival just to get some shade. This year that bump in the road was out the door! The festival not only provided two stages which allowed them to maximize on time and helped keep your focus on the music. They also opened up a warehouse that was air conditioned, so if by chance there was a set you were okay not being front row for, you could steel away and cool inside.

Some bands- such as Death Cab for Cutie, were even ready to go not more than five minutes after the previous set ended. Not only was their set ready to go, they walked out immediately and gave an amazing performance. As a band, they looked trendy in their all black button ups and skinny ties. They played a number of songs and instruments in the 45 minutes set time, almost making it worth the cost of the ticket alone! As an added bonus, Death Cabs lead singer Ben Gibbard mentioned to those of you in the audience that he would choose the city of Chandler over Las Vegas any day. This is a man that knows a little flattery makes for a deeply enjoyable experience!

Also upgraded this year- ticket options. For the first time, this year VIP tickets were available. VIP was only open to purchase by patrons over 21. This section featured private bathrooms; food trucks; beer and spirits booths and most importantly a sectioned off standing area in front of the rest of the audience. VIP’S were even chauffeured via golf cart to their cars at the end of each night! This great VIP option is something to consider if you are looking into attending this festival next year.


Inherit Love, I AM,

Courtesy of Meghan Li.

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