Spencer Ludwig – Interview.

Courtesy of Dafne Estrada.

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT.] With much support, comes much recognition! Since the start of “All Your Fault Tour,” Spencer Ludwig has received more acknowledgements and has gained more fans each show he opens. Perhaps, if you’re like me, I initially didn’t think that I knew Spencer Ludwig but right when the first toot of his trumpet sounded my friend immediately recognised him from the Capital Cities song, the one that has a trumpet solo. Of course, before his set, Ludwig mentioned to me his relationship with Capital Cities yet I hadn’t made the full connection.

Special appreciate to Nate for granting StyleHeirs.com press access to the All Your Fault Tour x Bebe Rexha with Spencer Ludwig at The Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah. While Bebe Rexha’s career has catapulted towards trending to become a huge sensation in the music industry, the same can be said about Ludwig. For example, Rexha has had a lot of success under the names of other artists exactly like Ludwig has. It’s a no brainer why Warner Bros. Records immediately signed him as a solo act because he is the best trumpeter the world has known since Miles Davis.

This isn’t the first time Ludwig has performed here in Salt Lake City. Actually, it’s at the same venue tonight that Spencer was invited by Wolverine Boots with Capital Cities to entertain a private company event. Being that this is his first time touring as just Spencer Ludwig, I asked how he felt and he mentioned that. “It’s so great being on this tour, really, because this is my first [solo] tour. It means a lot and Bebe’s fans always show up when doors open. So, being the first of three, I still get to play to sold out venues. So, I feel like I’m really getting the best experience that I could for the first tour.”

Before his set, I had the luxury of chatting with Ludwig about him as an artist and the guy is really well spoken. Considering that I’m a little obsessed with clothing, I wanted to find out more about how his signature look came about. The extended wide-brimmed hat, the obnoxious yet stylish blazers and skinny jeans have set his image apart from the rest of his peers. Apparently, what gravitated Ludwig to create this wide-brimmed hat is the power of connectivity and being introduced to the millinery designer Satya Twena based in New York City. From that introduction, Satya allowed him to direct the creation of combining what he mainly wanted. Which were namely; gold metallic accents fused with a warm textured black wool -yet the hat is made from beaver- and attached his logo that collectively has now shaped into his trademark look.

The bespoke blazer was also quickly made for his new music video DIGGY that was released a few days ago. The MV is dope and you need to check it out here, if you haven’t already. Luckily, I had the chance to ask where the concept came from and this is how Ludwig replied “It started out actually, as this idea of the really really talented director Guy Franklin. He presented a treatment that was really really interesting to me. The thing that stuck out the most was that I would be flying in the video. I never would have thought or written into a script that I would fly. What’s really important to me, in my live shows, is just the element of surprise and the unexpected. Those are things that I look forward to, that I try to create in my live shows. I felt like this flying thing was a really great way to accentuate what you can feel in a live show. The hardest thing about a music video is capturing the essence of who I am and what I do because it can be kind of steered in any which way and I was having difficulty figuring out a way to really capture the essence of this song. I feel like Guy did a really great job from the colouring to the styling by Brea. It was just a team of pros, Guy does all the Kimbra videos which I really love.”

The first two singles “Diggy” and “Right Into U” are from his upcoming debut album, which is done. Please, don’t take my word for it, this is what Ludwig mentioned. “The album is done, it’s 13 songs, I’m really proud of it. It’s the first body of work that I’ve worked on and completed because prior to being a solo artist, I was a trumpet player with many other bands.” – To me, it’s wild to see, just for a glimpse, of how Ludwig evolved into becoming a solo artist. From starting to learn the trumpet when he was 17 that gradually carried him to study it and obtain a degree in jazz. Then his last year of college he began to tour with different bands around the world to now ultimately being offered a solo career. A major inspiration to us all, check out his YouTube video comments, there’s so many mentioning how they’re now learning trumpet because of him!

A little more about his forthcoming album, I asked what type of songs to expect from the recordings because what does a trumpeter sing about? He openly stated that “The songs, I started writing back in 2015, the goal was to write feel-good music, funk music, dance music. Just, easy feel-good music, there are definitely subliminal messages of personal experiences but I feel the best parallel for the aesthetic of the album. Is like the albums of Prince or Michael Jackson there are messages in their music. For the most part, you can listen to it and dance the whole way through and not even think about it.” He also mentioned that he’s aiming towards shifting the radio culture with his songs and will be looking forward to doing remixes to get some attention in the clubs as well.

Summer cannot come fast enough, I’m just really looking forward to the album release and especially to my favourite track from tonight “Black Magic” – I’m all about it!


Inherit Love, I AM,

Courtesy of Dafne Estrada.

Courtesy of Dafne Estrada.

Courtesy of Dafne Estrada.


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