Rest Beautifully.

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

In honour of the recent passing of such an inspirational icon who has done so much to better shape the lives we have in this world. Above is my favourite quote -if not my most favourite quote- from Dr. Maya Angelou, who has been deemed as the author of the saying. The first time I heard this quote was when Angelou presented an award on the BET Network and at that moment she spoke directly to me. It was a life changing experience because it redirected my mind to have a more positive and leadership perspective. At that time in  my life I wanted to succeed and be the only one to succeed. If I were to share my successful secrets then others would catch up to me and perhaps surpass me. After gaining more understanding, that’s not the case, those that continue to share their knowledge gain so much more out of it. When you give you acquire a great deal back and it makes sense for Angelou to tell the world as her message to give when you get, in order to obtain more to offer. The successful only have a desire for all to succeed and with that insight brings them to have a positive-blessed life. #EducateYourself.


Much Love,

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