The latest obsession comes from the most recent creation from both Robyn & Röyksopp. The collaboration has been a Godsend because nothing so genius and musically talented just happens by coincidence.  Röyksopp is a techno duo from Norway and Robyn comes from Sweden the gifted artists have teamed up together and now have a complete mini-album out called Do It Again. They will be touring together this Summer 2014 in select cities. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to witness such a live performance. 

Their single Sayit premiered exclusively through the online magazine at H&M Life. The reason why I’m deeply obsessed with this single is because this song is completely different to anything I’ve heard before. It has opened my ears and heart to electronic music. That type of genre isn’t the kind I can comfortably dance to. However, with Sayit I can groove and get wild with no care in the world and I believe that was their main objective to create music that we can feel and dance along with. The beat just strums with your pulse, hypnotizing your every move and creating a positive movement. The lyrics only consist of 18 different words and the simple verbiage makes the song even more great because it get’s straight to the point. Having a mutual desire for one another and demanding each other to admit it. Take a gander at their overly outrageous music video that deserves an award in my opinion for the best music video. The visuals include a lot of digital distortion that goes along with the techno beat and my favourite part of it all is the chicken foot stomping. Make sure to keep up with their every brilliant move at either and


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