Reyn Spooner: HononluluFW.

[ HONOLULU, HI.] As a celebratory fashion show for Reyn Spooner’s 60th anniversary -for preserving Hawaiian traditional prints since 1956- the brand brought a memorable presentation to Honolulu Fashion Week. Special appreciation to Sara M with Stryker Weiner for granting press access to Reyn Spooner Fashion Show at #HonoluluFW in Hawaii. Out of all the aloha shirt brands on the island, Spooner seems to be the go-to luxe designer-label that majority of the locals gravitate to. Not only the natives, yet multiple major international brands have also collaborated with their brand in organizing key limited pieces.

With 60 years of experience there’s a lot of material to reflect on and measure the progress in the quality and designs from the beginning up until now. Most of the ‘throwback’ looks shown could still be relevant today and I’ve noticed that the consignment stores here in Hawai’i attract a keen group of aloha shirt aficionados searching for vintage pieces. Of course, bright colours and florals were the main theme highlights in each garment. Yet the pastel hues were the most captivating to me and apart of Spooners esthetic in fabrics. What I also liked was the variety in clothing for men and good amount of different prints to choose from in blazers, shirts and pants.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner. Reyn Spooner.

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