Sergio Hudson SS22.

[MANHATTAN, NY.] As the snowy aggressive winds hit the streets of NYFW, fashion show attendees at Spring Studio for Sergio Hudson were given a warm escape through a safari filled runway presentation. Now this show wasn’t just any run-of-the-mill catwalk that we are all subjected to witness every waking season. This time around, Hudson brought back the defining moments of what the typical runway shows were like in the 1900’s, specifically in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The elevated platform was a nice touch along with how the models actual had personality when walking down the dais by entering in pairs, trios and even groups of 4 models at a time.

Individuality is what sold the clothes, the brand, the desire to be associated with the name of a designer in the time of yesteryear; which is what Hudson brought back to this fashion realm and helped separate himself from the rest of his peers showing this season. Looking at the collection, Hudson created garments that fit the style of any extended family member with influential women. As he tells us backstage “I’m designing for women, and women aren’t just young…” Valid points were made since we saw the legendary models: Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb and Gisele Zelauy grace the runway one more time giving us a chance to witness greatness. Anyway, Hudson continues with “I dress my 23-year old niece and I dress my 61-year old mother. They just wear different things. The younger girl will wear the little short mini dress, the older woman will wear the pencil skirt. It’s not hard. You don’t have to cater to just one audience of people. Everybody loves fashion.”

The other attention grabbing component of the show were the hats! The bright, vibrant hues for the straw hats that paired nicely with the solid colour matching garments. The models were regal, the clothing instilled an emotion of opulence because no one would go on a safari looking so damn chic, but the Sergio Hudson girl is a well-paid, she got monies stacked – material gurl. Which Hudson revealed that the characters from the movie Clueless were the main muses for the collection. Pulling inspiration from the cast, Hudson took on a challenge to create garments out of his normal scope that the matchmaker would typically wear in the film. Pieces like vividly rich coloured slip dresses, knitted skintight dresses and the star of the show – a sherbet corset top paired with a silky same-tone elongated skirt. Let’s talk about DRAMA, let’s talk about LEGENDARY GLAMOUR. This show right here was made to be studied in every fashion school. Cause baby! How will Sergio Hudson follow-up from this masterpiece of a collection. Please, understand that I would love to relive this night again.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Look 3
Courtesy of Sergio Hudson.
Look 14
Courtesy of Sergio Hudson.
Look 20
Courtesy of Sergio Hudson.
Look 28
Courtesy of Sergio Hudson.
Look 50
Courtesy of Sergio Hudson.

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