The Answer Isn’t Always Crocs, 11 Other Brands To Wear Comfortably.

[MANHATTAN, NY.] Most of the world has returned to business as usual with a few caveats that primarily caters to social-distancing and making sure everyone remains healthy. Since the lockdown for Covid-19 brought a lot of changes to the way we carry out tasks for work, especially since a majority of the workforce was required to transform living spaces into a functional work-from-home environment. A lot of us adapted to the relaxed, comfortable style because there wasn’t any place to go. Hence the “locked down” part – or to be honest, no valid reason to dress-up and flex new clothing. Now it’s time to return to the busy life we had prior to dealing with a global pandemic which is the phase after lockdown.

Before September arrives here’s a list of suggested footwear brands to shop as the remaining corporate spaces return to their cubicles or retail workers transition from closing sales via online shopping chats to actual face-to-face shopping that requires a ton of time standing. The fact that crocs have made a comeback after they went bankrupt, is beyond wild and is currently being accepted by the masses as fashionable. Let’s not give into trends just yet, please continue to find everlasting styles that are timeless like the products mentioned below. On social media, the reopening stage has quickly gained popularity as the phase we’ve all been waiting for known as “We outsideeeee” and we’ve been experiencing it for a few months and it seems that most of the online cyberspace has arguably enjoyed it but realising outside is expensive. Which is alright because you’ll find options below that will satisfy any budgeting price points.

Inherit Love, I AM,

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pulse, $120 USD at
Vans X Chris Johanson Slip-On TRK Shoes | Pink | Vans
Gucci's Rubber Sandals Step on Birkenstock's Heels | HYPEBEAST
Gucci slip on sandal, $420 USD at
1017 ALYX 9SM Mono Slip On, $189 USD at
YEEZY FOAM RUNNER "Vermilion" Revealed |
Hunter + Play Clogs
HUNTER Original Play Clogs, $75 USD at
Super-Birki Polyurethane
BIRKENSTOCK Super-Birki, $79.95 at
Round Toe Lace-up Front Slides
SHEIN Round Toe Lace-up Front Slides, $12 at
KOMARI Tabi Sandals, $104 at
Display a large version of the product image 1 - puddle
BOTTEGA VENETA Puddle Clog Mules, $510 at

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