Weak Anaconda.

Listen, I could have done entirely much better dancing in this music video in lieu of Onika’s weak ass wiggles. Most fans go wild as they anticipate the release of a video for a new single. It’s suppose to add more visual stimulation to match the lyrical hype that has been on repeat since it’s release. And let me tell you, lately the only go to anthem that gets me in the mood before heading out to the nightlife has been ANACONDA! I’m the type that likes to go out have fun and I like to label it as getting ‘Nesty’ or ‘Desgusting’ it’s the only way to enjoy life. For this single, I’ma just keep to rocking out to it audibly and not so much with the music video because it didn’t meet my expectations with more off the wall dirty booty choreography. I mean she had a nice hour glass shape with the pink thong whilst she worked out pumpin’ iron but that’s it.

Honestly I am glad Minaj is staying with the more tone down look inverse of the wild pop persona she had before. The snapshots that were released with Drake and Nicki had me excited only to be let down. Drake didn’t even throw money girl, I could’ve given Drake a reason to throw Young-Money-Cash-Money-Billionaire hundreds at me but that’s none of my business. The part where she spits ‘So I pulled up in the Jag, and I hit em with the jab like dun dun dun dun dun’ has to be my favorite part. One because I love jaguars and two because the dun dun dun part reminds me of the Crazy Frog – annoying ringtone. All in all, I’m excited to see what other singles Nicki has created for us, I’m just ready to get really hood when this album drops.

Inherit Love,

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