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LiveNiteEvents x Tinashe.

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT.] Much appreciation to Courtney from Live Nite Events for granting special access to the YamJam 2014 show presented by LNE and u92 housed at Club Elevate. Allow me to […]

FIJI Water #FijiHeirs.

[FIJI ISLANDS.] Special appreciation extended to FIJI Water as my underwriter for my trip to the Fiji Island. It’s an amazing thing to learn how the water is bottled up […]

Van Bery: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.]  The review of this show will be up shortly. In the interim take a trip down memory lane with my BERY first MBFW review at the ELLE Fashion Next […]

Kazu: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Out of all the entire designers in Zürich I believe Kazu Huggler has the crown in being the most original and understanding all aspects of designing. The talent […]

Laend Phungkit: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] In my opinion the most impressive thing that Laend Phungkit has to offer is the cultural diversity of  both Asia and Europe. Based out of Berlin yet born in Zürich […]

PELIKAMO: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Before the shows began on Saturday the last day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zürich I had the chance to take a peep at the pop-up shop with selected […]

RS Hader: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] In Switzerland the girls from R-S Hader stay on the pages of every fashion forward magazine and news article. Hana Schärer make up the team behind the Zürich […]

Berenik: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Special appreciation to the talented-visionary VERONIKA BRUSA the designer behind the Switzerland brand BERENIK for granting access to her delightful show in Zürich, Switzerland. This will always be a […]

Desire Love.

Last week Years&Years released their music video for Desire and it’s noteworthy enough to share. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this band led by Olly Alexander who not only sings […]

Arabian Affair.

[SALT LAKE CITY.] Each Halloween season the Lloyd Family hosts a themed party for their close friends and family. The first time I was invited was three years ago and […]