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Carlos Campos FW16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] An essential way to life in Honduras is centered around coffee as a necessity to start your day and occasionally paired with every meal time. The main quote that Carlos […]

General Idea FW 16.

[NEW YORK CITY.]  Starting off NYFW Men’s a day late and I feel like I’ve missed nothing but sleep. If it wasn’t for Jordyn forcing me out of bed I […]

CFDA x NFL Unveiling Party.

[NEW YORK CITY.] It’s been quite the winter break and I’ve waited to cross over to the new year since November – yet I still enjoyed the low key hibernation. To ease […]

Greg Lauren SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] There are nights where I can’t sleep, so I jump on the internet and I just watch random fashion shows. At times, I binge and just consume a […]

Richard Chai SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Since I was already back stage after one of the shows I got a glimpse of Richard Chai passing by and I completely became a fangirl. Just so […]

Thorsun SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] In between shows I had decided to relax, take a breather, grab a little nibbles and skip platform three’s presentation. Which didn’t last long because curiosity always […]

Michael Bastian SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] The review for this show will be up shortly. Due to the passing of my stunning beautiful Mother on the 16th of July 2,015 – I’ve fallen behind […]

Ovadia & Sons SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] The gods have found favour in us all and have blessed us with the twins from Ovadia & Sons – a godsend for menswear, really. Naturally I am a sucker […]

Todd Snyder SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] For the past two years it’s been a goal of mine to attend a fashion show presented by Todd Snyder and I’m so grateful to have achieved […]

Robert Geller SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Simply because I wore a black blazer to the show I had the lovely privilege of helping a few guests find their seats. It wasn’t much of […]

Timo Weiland SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] The review for this show will be up shortly. Due to the passing of my stunning beautiful Mother on the 16th of July 2,015 – I’ve fallen behind […]

Public School SS16.

[NEW YORK CITY.] The adventures at the inaugural season for New York Fashion Week: Men’s began with Public School on Tuesday. At first I wasn’t happy when I heard that both Maxwell […]

Parkchoonmoo FW Seoul15.

[SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.] As my last show this season in Seoul it was definitely remarkable. Before the presentation began I sat and watched clips of past Seoul Fashion Week videos that […]

pushBUTTON FW Seoul15.

[SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.] The slogan “Everybody comes to pushBUTTON” was displayed above the runway and by the total amount of attendee’s it seemed to be true. Take a look at […]

Kaal E.Suktae FW Seoul15.

[SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.] In South Korea a cartoon character exists as a legitimate citizen with proper legal documentations to prove he’s been excepted as a native. The cartoon character known as Dooly […]

Kwak Hyun Joo FW Seoul15.

[SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA.] Right before the show started I was ushered to my seat and I felt completely in a different world yet still immersed in the world of fashion. There […]

Sons of William FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] The year is 3011 and the future world just experienced an ice age! What to wear will be on every guys mind. Good thing the Juul brother’s Victor […]

Lie Sang Bong FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Last minute I received an invite to attended the Lie Sang-Bong fashion show who was described after the show as “the Calvin Klein of Korean Fashion” a fashion […]

Michael Kors FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] There aren’t very many people that can motivate me to be up bright in the morning to trek in the harsh cold of winter just to see a […]

Lupe Gajado FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Modern-day-Jesus couture is what I can say about this lovely collection that will appeal to the select chic hippies and yes I believe they exist. Most of […]

Ricardo Seco FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] REAL, sums up the collection presented by Ricardo Seco at the New Museum of contemporary art. This season was an epic presentation that had the nighttime New […]

Naeem Khan FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Special thanks to Nina Garcia, I was upgraded to front row to Naeem Khan a brilliant designer that puts together a fashion show performance. The presentation started with […]

Lela Rose FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] It’s very important to keep your eyes open to your surroundings regardless of how unpopular the location may perhaps be and to find inspiration in this beautiful […]

Georgine FW15.

  [NEW YORK CITY.] The review of this show will be up shortly. In the interim check out my first Fall review from last year in February at J.Mendel‘s FW14 […]

Ovadia & Sons FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] At the peak of my priority list of shows that I must attend this Fall/Winter season, Ovadia & Sons was definitely number one because of many factors […]

Patrik Ervell FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Fashion shows aren’t just to go look at clothes it’s a time to get a glimpse into the emotions of some of the worlds most creative minds. It’s […]

Pamella Roland FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] What do normal people do after reading a book, well they don’t go designing thirty-nine looks based on their visual version of the book by Alicia Drakes ‘The […]

Ready To Fish FW15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] What a unique theme… there was none, the design process began with just a sketchbook and Ilja presented the prêt-à-porter designs in such a way that represented a […]

Sundance Collection Review 2015.

[PARK CITY, UT.] There’s a family tree that exist when it comes to independent filmmaking and the Sundance Collection at UCLA has the right mission in preserving our filmmakers ancestral way […]

FIJI Water #FijiHeirs.

[FIJI ISLANDS.] Special appreciation extended to FIJI Water as my underwriter for my trip to the Fiji Island. It’s an amazing thing to learn how the water is bottled up […]

Van Bery: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.]  The review of this show will be up shortly. In the interim take a trip down memory lane with my BERY first MBFW review at the ELLE Fashion Next […]

Kazu: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Out of all the entire designers in Zürich I believe Kazu Huggler has the crown in being the most original and understanding all aspects of designing. The talent […]

Laend Phungkit: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] In my opinion the most impressive thing that Laend Phungkit has to offer is the cultural diversity of  both Asia and Europe. Based out of Berlin yet born in Zürich […]

PELIKAMO: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Before the shows began on Saturday the last day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zürich I had the chance to take a peep at the pop-up shop with selected […]

RS Hader: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] In Switzerland the girls from R-S Hader stay on the pages of every fashion forward magazine and news article. Hana Schärer make up the team behind the Zürich […]

Berenik: Zürich15.

[ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND.] Special appreciation to the talented-visionary VERONIKA BRUSA the designer behind the Switzerland brand BERENIK for granting access to her delightful show in Zürich, Switzerland. This will always be a […]

Marlon Gobel SS15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Sadly, I arrived entirely late to see the actual presentation due to rush-hour traffic riding in a taxi-cab. No matter, I did manage to get a closer […]

Michael Kors SS15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Leaving directly after FSP show at Lincoln Center I had to bolt my way downtown by taking the subway to the location where Michael Kors was presenting his […]

Falguni, Shane Peacock SS15.

[NEW YORK CITY.] After attending their show last September, it was definitely a collection I had to see this season. There was just a natural excitement to see what they […]

CM Cia.Marítima.

[MIAMI.] Backstage before the show started I was tweeting away my excitement with being at the Miami tents and depression knowing CM Cia Maritima would be my last show before […]

Mara Hoffman.

[MIAMI.] Out of all the shows I attended in Miami this year, I’ll award Mara Hoffman as the most memorable show. The reason I say that is because she captivated […]


  [MIAMI.] What a nice refreshing collection Monica Wise had put together for this season. It was enjoyable to see a swimwear line that more girls around the world would […]

Beach Bunny.

[MIAMI.] Accompanied by The Blonds you can only expect a great turn out for this 2015 swim collaboration. Backstage was a mad house but that only fueled me with more […]

Wildfox Swim.

[MIAMI.] “Lock up your sons, WILDFOX resort swim is here and sexier than ever.” is the caption on their cover for Resort 2015 lookbook. I mean if I had sons […]

Clover Canyon. [MIAMI.] As my first runway show ever in the Miami tents during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I have to say it’s one of my favourite swim collections. The swimsuits I […]


[NEW YORK CITY.] Originally I had planned not to attend fashion week in February due to the unbearable cold. However, my friend wanted to go for his birthday and last […]

Jeremy Scott.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Let me just say how excited I was for this show. One because Jeremy Scott has been another idol of mine as a designer coming from Kansas […]

Anna Sui.

[NEW YORK CITY.] There comes a point during fashion week when all the shows start to blend together. If it weren’t for the photos that act as a time stamp […]

Rachel Zoe.

[NEW YORK CITY.] As a stylist you are accustomed to having multiple designers on your racks and multiple different looks for the variety of clients you dress. For Rachel Zoe’s […]

Michael Kors.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Fur, for Spring. I’m all about it. This collection reminded me of an americanized paris romance. The looks that Michael sent for showing were clothes that were […]

Sophie Theallet.

[NEW YORK CITY.] As my first MADE Milk Studio fashion show it definitely was one of my most memorable runway presentations. Thanks to Sophie Theallet’s PR team and granting us […]

Naeem Khan.

[NEW YORK CITY.] Let me just begin by saying there has not be any other designer than Naeem Khan that has swept me away from my duties in taking photos […]


[NEW YORK CITY.] Young designers that present their collections at fashion week are mainly the kids in the industry that pump youthful energy into our pretentious world. And I love […]

Jenny Packham.

[NEW YORK CITY.] After attending Jenny Packham today I must say I’m really impressed with her collection this season. Compared to the past spring she definitely ventured out and experimented […]